Studebaker Toys

Studebaker Toys

The New Toy Studebaker

Collector's Club

Formed in January 1999

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On The Cover

Left to right

1st row: 1955 Speedster by Model City, 1953 Mexican Road Race model by Brooklin

2nd row: 1937 Coupe Express by U. S. Model Mint, 1938 Cab-over Dump Truck by Shrock Bros.

3rd row: 1955 "R" Series tractor trailer - Japan, Champ Trucks by Johnny Lightning

4th row: 1962 GT Hawk by Mini Marque, 1958 Hawk 400 by Mini Marque

Models from the collection of Chuck Collins

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The top two models on the cover - a 1939 Studebaker station wagon and a 1941 President - are examples of Ed Fusco's scratch built handiwork.

The Champ pickup is an example of unique and inexpensive customizing. The pickup is a Johnny Lightning model painted John Deere green with a decal on the door. The tractor and trailer are 1/64 scale Ertl items that are about $5.00 each. All you have to do is glue a plastic trailer hitch on the truck for a display. If you want another color, Ertl makes Case and Farmall tractors also.

The Weasel is from Neat Stuff! in Texas. It is 1/48 scale and nicely detailed.

The yellow 1937 Coupe by Miniature Vehicle Castings in 1/43 scale was made circa 1985 and has Coca Cola decals on the doors.

The 1941 Chicago fire car is a 1/43 scale limited edition by Brooklin . It has red and green headlights and a bell added to the regular issue car which is available in brown and blue.

The bottom two models on the front cover - a 1935 President convertible and a 1935 Commander roadster - were built by the Shrock Brothers



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Cover Cars


1939 Commander Taxi

Jeff Keilen

The yellow 1939 1/25 scale Commander taxi shown on the cover is a restored cast iron toy with original mint-condition white rubber tires. It was first bead-blasted, any pits were filled, body seams filed smooth, then


Wayne Francisco's Statewide Towing 1/43 Studebaker tow truck won first in die cast competition at the 35th International SDC Meet in Rapid City.

Ellis Baker built his fire truck from a Marx truck front and a Tonka fire truck box and the combination is seamless and looks like a factory example.

Pat Billey writes about the `53 `As we usually find them', "This A.M.T. Coupe was built as an un-restored car with broken front suspension, several scrapes, faded paint, broken windshield, missing trim, dents and mismatched tires and wheels. The engine compartment is just as dirty with "oil leaks" and general always gets a smile or two."

About the `54 wagon Pat says, "This model was built in 1988 as I was completing the restoration of our full size `54 Wagon.

I began with an A.M.T. Coupe and made all modifications for the correct wheel base, body height, shorter front fenders, different hood profile, location of side scallop, etc. A full interior was constructed and all trim for a Regal Deluxe was applied. The car is painted Vienna Blue and Nocturne Blue. About two years later after I made this model, I constructed the Master, which was used by All-American Models for a resin '54 Conestoga Wagon that was available a few years ago. Art Anderson of All-American Models can be reached for information on both the `62 Hawk and the `54 Wagon."

Stude-REO 6x6 Tonka/Maisto/Hot Wheels -

Richard Pianca reports there are six versions available.

1 - Metallic green w/tan top #478

2 - Tan w/tan top and bed cover, 1981

3 - Olive green w/olive green top and camouflage top cover

# 9379 US Army markings, Action Command Series

4 - Tan w/tan top and camouflage bed cover #4129E

5 - Tan w/olive top and bed cover #4921C

6 - Beige w/ beige top and bed cover # 4921A

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